Amber Light has a very unique approach to singing lessons specializing in contemporary (pop/rock/r&b/country/etc) styles. With a solid technical foundation, learn how to belt without straining, control your dynamics, improve your range, master complicated riffs and ultimately, make songs your own.​

Performance Techniques. 
Get rid of any anxiety and learn how to move naturally and feel your space on stage. Gain the experience and confidence to give a powerful performance every time. 
Ear Training. 
Turn your voice into your instrument. Improve your overall musicianship by understanding the melodic and rhythmic components that make up your musical setting. This leads to a limitless toolbox of ideas you can apply to songwriting, riffing, improvisation, and your melodic interpretation of a song. 

Improve your understanding of the songwriting language so you're never short of inspiration. We can give you the tools you need to find your own unique voice. 
"IN STUDIO" coaching.
​Many singers benefit from having a coach accompany them in the studio. This insures vocal takes are as strong and polished as possible​. 
Production and Recording.
Amber Light offers full-service music production for the solo vocal artist and singer/songwriter.
This is not your typical "classical" piano lesson. Instead of throwing sheet music at you, we offer a unique approach to learning piano that centers around ear training and theory. We'll customize the lessons to meet your goals, allowing you to actualize whatever you hear in a piece of music or even just in your head. We also offer specialized piano courses for the self-accompanied singer, giving you the freedom and autonomy to perform without a band or backing track.
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