"In my 16 years of taking classes and receiving private lessons at many high level schools, academies, and conservatories in many musical instruments, sports, and academics, rarely have I worked with somebody of Andrea's caliber. I worked with Andrea in private singing lessons for a solid ten months, seeing her for one hour once a week, and not once in nearly a year with her did she disappoint.

Every time I walked into a lesson with Andrea, I came out happy. Andrea is consistent with improving big and small details, while also pushing forward with new material. She understands her students and connects with them, knowing exactly what they need to improve, providing constructive criticism and feedback while motivating them to improve.

While I am disappointed to see Andrea leave Boston, I can confidently say that I was extremely satisfied and happy during my time with her. She is an honest, caring, and fun person with a great heart, and I am positive that Andrea will maintain the same excellence in consistency and work ethic wherever she goes. I wish her the best of luck in her future." -E.G.


"I grew up singing in musical theatre and had some vocal training between the ages of 11-16 in that genre. So I know what it means to do full warm ups, to access my breath/ diaphragm /head and other more "formal" practical techniques. I am incredibly grateful for that training.

The trouble is, I haven't performed in musical theatre in over 15 years! What I DO do, is perform in bands and write my own music and I never felt like my voice fit the genre or could cut through over the drums or guitars. I would come out of rehearsals feeling a little defeated, like my voice was strained and just didnt know how to make my voice sound like a real rock/pop singer- even though everyone said I had a great voice.

I looked around before to find a good vocal studio, but in LA/ Hollywood (without a solid recommendation from someone I trust) I just didn't know who to trust wasn't going to scam me!

I decided to buy a Groupon at the end of last year on a whim and LUCKED OUT! I've now been taking lessons weekly with Ben. He quickly evaluated what I could do in our first lesson, he never skips warm ups (cuz that's the foundation) and he's always supportive and helpful.

And because of my background, he doesn't take it easy on me and continues to challenge me with songs that test my agility and stamina. He asks what I want to focus on and hones me in on those areas. And he puts his "money where his mouth is" demonstrating the techniques he's asking me to practice. Plus, he's been totally open to - and even encouraging me to - work on my original songs, helping me feel even more confident in my new set.

I am incredibly happy that I found Amber Light and can't recommend Ben more highly. THANK YOU, Ben and Drea!!" - Noelle A.


"Andrea is an amazing vocal coach! She takes the time to make everything easy to understand and demonstrates every example. Andrea was able to point out imperfections I've had in my voice for years that other teachers didn't notice. I've been singing more confidently and with more power since working with her. We did a number of styles and I was able to take new techniques from each one. Every week I learned something new and exciting about my voice, and it's been such a great experience working with her!" -V.P.


​"Drea has taken my voice and worked miracles. Her teaching technique is VERY tangible and easy to understand and if you're willing to do the work, you'll DEFINITELY see results. Quickly. Each week, I hear my voice grasping new style techniques that give me the skills to find my own voice as a singer/songwriter while still utilizing my underlying classical technique for vocal health.

Each show I play, I'm complimented by my friends for how much my voice has grown over the past year, and I owe so much of that to Drea and Amber Light Studios!

If you're looking for a good voice teacher, this is the right place for you.

THANKS DREA!!" - Witt Godden​


"​​I have worked with Ben for about 2 years now and I have nothing but great things to say! I have learned so much about my voice and about music from him. Ben is an excellent teacher. He is very patient but he is always challenging me in order to make me better. I feel that my vocal ablities and confidence have improved dramatically as a result of working with him. Not only has he helped me become a better singer, but he has also helped me reach a lot of my goals and has helped guide me in a direction that I want to go in for my music career. I see Andrea all the time as well when I am there for lessons and they are both always so nice and supportive. I would definitely recommend taking lessons here to anyone!!"  - Rachael C.


"I started taking lessons with Andrea back in Boston (and I am so lucky she moved to LA when I did, so we could continue lessons!). I hear a dramatic improvement in my voice during every single lesson - yes, every lesson over the last two years we've had together! She is not just an amazing singer herself, but a wonderful teacher. Whenever I struggle with a riff or a note, she pinpoints the issue and shows me a way to practice it. She guides our lessons, adjusting to the level I am ready for, so I have achievable goals every week. She also helped me break out of my shell - I am so much more confident in my voice, and it shows when I perform. I didn't even know I was capable of belting melodies, and now it is almost effortless.

If you have ever considered taking voice lessons, come see Andrea today (the sooner, the better). Whether you are an amateur or have even earned a degree in music (like me), you can certainly learn something from her, if not everything about your voice, and be more proud of your singing! Thank you, Drea!" -Jessica Rucker

​​​"My daughter started taking lessons with Andrea when she was 9. She is now 10 and the progress went from just a kid singing for fun to a real talent. We all know that working with children takes a special patience and caring that most people find taxing. Her training techniques, communication, and support have been invaluable to my daughter. Her encouragement and openness to all the different ways my daughter wants to explore her vocal capabilities is amazing. We couldn't love Andrea more and everyone should be taking lessons from her! We wish we could take lessons everyday! Each week my daughter gets better and better!" -R.W.

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